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The Best Way to Create Fast & Easy Preloaded Hover Images

Have you ever seen a nice big button with a beautiful graphic, go to click on it, and the second your cursor reaches it, the whole thing disappears with a flash of white before a hover background image shows up?

It’s a common and easy mistake for web designers. But there is a way around it.

CSS Sprites

Easy Cross-Browser CSS3 Rounded Corners

One of the most useful of CSS3’s features, in my opinion, is rounded corners. By simply adding a quick line of style to any element, you can take a fairly boring design and “bring it to life”. Before the advent of CSS3, this was a bit painstaking to do using a background image.

Here’s how to do it

7 WordPress Settings You Should Change

WordPress is great. It’s my favorite blogging platform. It’s relatively easy to set up and use. After you’ve got it all up and running, you should change these 7 things in your dashboard before you do anything else.

1. Change your username

Your default username will be admin. It looks like you don’t know what you’re doing when it says “posted by admin”. Go to Users > Add new. Then make one that is your name or something. Then log out of admin, log in with that user you just made, and delete admin.

Underscore vs. Hyphen

Underscores or hyphens? Which is a better keyword separator for page and file names? The main concern in this study is SEO, but I’ll also look at the usability aspect.

How do search engines see it?