Handle Your Social Network Links Like A Pro

Social networks can be a great way to connect with friends, colleagues, and reach out to new customers.

Links to one’s profile or account on their favorite networks are quite common on that person’s website. This can be done with a text link, or as most people prefer, the network’s logo.

To go even further with the logos, create the image link with a hover equivalent of another slightly edited version of the same image. That’s exactly what this tutorial is about.

How to Add a Completely Custom Captcha to Any Web Form

Confusing Captcha

As promised in my previous article, I’ll show you how to add a captcha to your form. Since those askew combinations of letters and numbers can be difficult to decipher for some people, this one is going to be in the form of a basic intellectual question.

It’s fairly simple, just write a question in your HTML, provide an input field, the PHP file checks what’s typed in, and if the user hasn’t entered the correct answer, the inputted data isn’t processed. You don’t get spam. The spammer quits spamming. Now, the Internet is a better place, thanks to you. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. 😉

PHP Email Contact Form Tutorial

Email contact forms are a great way to add some visitor interaction to your website.

The best HTML can do for you in this area is a mailto email link. This isn’t very user friendly, especially if your visitor uses webmail, and not an email client app. It also makes you an easy target for spammers and their “bots”.

With a some HTML, a little PHP, and some CSS to make it appealing, you can craft an email form that gets site more feedback, less spam, and even make it look more professional.

Let’s get started

Call To Action Buttons Graphics Giveaway

A good call to action is absolutely essential to a website’s success.

That’s the big, good-looking “Buy Now!” button you see on every commercial site’s home or product pages. Without one, you lose a potential sale or subscription. This button must be conspicuous. It also has to look awesome.

I’ve made some graphics that you can use for this. For free.